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Welcome to the Darkeners website. We welcome all applicants, we exhibit honor, respect, discipline, and patience. If these qualities match your personality please apply. "We strike without abandon" - Dark Commander Omaha
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Saturday Planning

Deathguard Omaha, Mar 2, 12 1:27 AM.
Meetings will be the first planned event of every Saturday, unless another event pops up, the meeting will occur, no other exceptions besides me being outta town, from there I will leave the meeting to either a Darkener ranked officer or one of the Division heads.

Clan Formation!!!!!

Deathguard Omaha, Feb 9, 12 10:30 PM.

Welcome to the Darkeners soldier. Discipline, Honor, Respect, and Combative Expertise are our primary features. If you have not applied and been accepted by us you will only see this page and our General Forums. Check the General Forums for important information on applying. All are welcome within the Darkeners, but be ready for the fight of your life.

"Though we walk through the shadow of the valley of death,we shall fear no evil,for evil fears us"

~Dark Commander Omaha

Welcome to our family brothers and sisters.

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Rules and Regulations Deathguard Omaha 2/9/2012 11:37 PM
CQC Specialists4 Apply
Heavy Specialists4 Apply
Slayers (All Around)5 Apply
Snipers3 Apply
Strategists2 Apply
Vehicle Specialists4 Apply
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